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Action words are colour-coded so at a glance you can see how "different" a release is by the predominance of one colour or another. Created items are assumed to be of most interest, followed by Added, Changed, and Updated.

  • 0.30, 1999.05.27
    Added search engine provided by to the Cover Page.

  • 0.29, 1999.05.14
    Added controls for The Sunbeam Auto Showroom to Cover Page and Sunbeam Links. Updated links and things. Moved list of Rod's Amilcar Parts to a new site. Updated My Alpine Journal. Updated My Alpines List Archives.

  • 0.28, 1999.03.21
    Many little changes dribbling out as I work on the wiring and dash stuff. Added an image of a disassembled Heater Control Valve to Guides: Heating and Ventilation. Updated diagrams of sections from Guides: Electrical System. Updated My Alpine Journal. Updated For Me - For You. Moved Devices: As Found out of Guides: Electrical System since my connections, while workable, did not always match the Electrical Schematics, and I am going to rework the harness anyway.

  • 0.27, 1999.02.24
    Many little changes dribbling out as I work on the wiring. Created a new set of sections from Guides: Electrical System. Added to Guides: Electrical System: a table of what harness wires are connected to what devices, and a preliminary schematic diagram of my harness as it would sit in the car. Added some extra info about production dates and places for the Tomato and Parts Car to Five Ws and an H. Updated My Alpines List Archives and re-sorted a bunch of messages. Fixed diagram of Starter Solenoid in Guides: Electrical System by identifying it correctly (who knew?) and made all my Reconstruction Diagrams transparent.

  • 0.26, 1999.01.18
    Created Rebuild: Body for bodywork images. Created Alberta 'Beamers to list all the Sunbeam owners in these parts. Created Net Wisdom, moving Links to a subsection. Created My Alpines List Archives for a semi-cleaned HTML version of my YARN Alpines Mailing List archives. Created a partial Bibliography of books I've read along the way. Added more sites to Sunbeam Links. Added more images to Teardown from the photos I hadn't scanned yet. Added an image of an Alpine Tool Kit to Guides: Special Tools. Added an image of a rubbing I made of the Pressed Steel body plate on the rear deck behind the driver to Guides: Body. Added a "New" button to all numbered sections' icon tray. Added a few people to Five Ws and an H, Updated a few things and Changed the text size. Changed Introduction to add more help for reading the site. Changed a number of small layout features, like hints for page-control icons, and smaller title and Table of Contents text. Changed and Updated various minor things as I read through some older sections. Updated all Links sections with a new format. Updated My Alpine Journal, Rebuild Checklist and Rebuild Sequence with latest status.

  • 0.25, 1998.08.01
    Created My Alpine Journal: Teardown to Bodywork and moved stuff from My Alpine Journal to lighten it up. Created page for Warren. Added SUNI III ad to Cover Page and Links. Changed Henry's page to note BMG closure and his relocation to Euro. Updated My Alpine Journal, Rebuild Checklist and Rebuild Sequence with latest status.

  • 0.24, 1998.04.19
    ...who knows?...

  • 0.23, 1998.02.01
    Added previously-unlinked Guides sections for completeness. Created Sunbeam Advertisements. Added an Index to Five Ws and an H and reorganized a number of sections beneath it in WWWWWH order. Added Winter/Teardown photos to Tomato Gallery. Changed Cover Page photos. Changed Guides sections to have an Index and reflect the lettering in my Workshop Manual. Changed some Five Ws and an H section ordering. Changed Cover Page for a Hint on image-zoom links and Added a paragraph to Document Conventions (nobody gets 'em). Updated Guides: Gearbox and Overdrive image (cleaned up holes). Updated My Alpine Journal, Rebuild Sequence. Changed Introduction to smaller design/usage notes text. Recompiled all pages for consistent button pad alignment.

  • 0.22, 1997.12.25
    Changed My Alpine Journal to reflect work in progress. Added a new image to Some Day.... Created 1998 Tomato Calendar.

  • 0.21, 1997.12.12
    Changed My Alpine Journal to reflect work in progress. Added Reconstruction Diagrams to Guides: Electrical System. Changed some Guides sections to remove non-relevant images.

  • 0.20, 1997.12.09
    Changed My Alpine Journal to reflect work in progress. Added entry for Sunbeam Central to Sunbeam Links.

  • 0.19, 1997.12.08
    Created My Alpine Journal: The First Season and split off everything up to the Tomato entering Henry's for rebuilding. Changed My Alpine Journal, Rebuild Sequence, and Rebuild Checklist to reflect work in progress.

  • 0.17, 1997.11.16
    Created Rebuild Sequence. Changed Rebuild Checklist into a Five Ws and an H subsection. Changed My Alpine Journal to reflect work in progress.

  • 0.16, 1997.11.15
    Not Posted    Created Henry's Parts Story and made several additions. Created a page for Rod's Amilcar Parts. Changed British Motor Group to point to Henry's Parts Story. Changed Five Ws and an H to reference newly-updated BRIDGE Tree links. Updated Rebuild Checklist with more homework.

  • 0.15, 1997.10.28
    Added Summer/Fall Tomato and Parts Car photos to Tomato Gallery and Cover Page. Added pictures of Henry to the British Motor Group page. Added entry for Fall Edmonton Classic Sports Car Club Econo Run to My Alpine Journal. Added TimeStamp to footer of every section. Added link to Cover Page to all Attachments. Changed My House world map and layout to flow text around images. Changed naming scheme for all Tomato images and trimmed some old ones. Moved My Alpine Journal and Tomato Gallery under Five Ws and an H.

  • 0.14, 1997.10.22
    Added a couple images to Some Day... and tightened up block format. Added a URL-Minder form to the Cover Page. Changed Revision Log layout to use colour-coded Actions. Changed DocIconTray images to 24x24. Changed all Guides images (cleaned up) and block formats: smaller thumbnails for friendlier multiple-image pages. Changed colours for Rebuild Checklist

  • 0.13, 1997.10.20
    Created a British Motor Group attachment. Added a note about design rules to Introduction. Added the radiator story and an entry for Parts Car cut-up to My Alpine Journal. Added DocIconTray link (tomato) to Tomato Gallery. Added comments to cars featured in Some Day.... Added owners' names and page reference to Some Day.... Changed Some Day... to use smaller thumbnails and an atomic layout. Changed Cover Page to show select Tomato images from Tomato Gallery. Changed Five Ws and an H slightly throughout. Changed Guides image layout a little.

  • 0.12, 1997.10.14
    Created the Tomato Gallery. Still more pictures awaiting development. Added tools references to Colophon; made format changes.

  • 0.11, 1997.10.11
    Created the structure of Rebuild Checklist. Added how to make a similar table from a spreadsheet in Colophon.

  • 0.10, 1997.10.08
    Created British Car Links, Automotive Links, and Other Links. Changed Links into a links farm, and moved contents to Sunbeam Links.

  • 0.9, 1997.10.03
    Added links display note to Introduction. Added links to often-used sections in the Document Icon Tray. Disabled the Draft watermark - it's never gonna be anything but (and might as well save some download time)!

  • 0.8, 1997.10.02
    Found and worked around a sneaky bug that made link jumps into tables (appear to) work only sometimes.

  • 0.7, 1997.10.02
    Created Some Day... for pictures of Alpines to aspire to. Created Alternate Parts List as an attachment for now. Changed Guides sections to use 300-pixel wide thumbnails, which can be zoomed by 2X or to 100% to make it easier to browse over a modem. Changed all images from Somewhere Else (except the front page) to have an attribution link to my Links page. Fixed some broken things (wonder who noticed...) and typos.

  • 0.6, 1997.09.30
    Added Tigers East/Alpines East attribution for images in Guides. Changed Links to define aliases for all links so they can be used everywhere.

  • 0.5, 1997.09.27
    Added explanation of how the Tomato got its name to Five Ws and an H. Changed My House to have Where In the World/Canada/Alberta/Edmonton with a map for each.

  • 0.4, 1997.09.23
    Changed Guides into a link farm matching the Alpine/Rapier Workshop Manual; pages added for all useful sections, at least a set of Parts Manual images from the Tigers East/Alpines East site. Completed My Alpine Journal completed.

  • 0.3, 1997.09.21
    Created Guides. Created My Alpine Journal.

  • 0.2, 1997.09.20
    Created Links. Completed Introduction. Completed Five Ws and an H.

  • 0.1, 1997.09.19
    Created Initial skeleton. Created Five Ws and an H. Added My House. }