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Stuff I Read

I read quite a few books on the Tomato odyssey. Despite the seeming omnipresence of the Information Superhypeway most everything worth knowing is still in a traditional library. Fortunately I have three branches of the Edmonton Public Library (EPL) system within easy reach, and a library card only costs $12 a year (Canadian! nearly free to everyone else in the world, but you have to be here). The list is created post hoc (therefore incomplete) and sorted by author(s).

[Ball1970]; Ball, K.; Sunbeam Rapier, Alpine 1966-65 Autobook; Autopress Ltd.; Brighton, England; 1970; ISBN: 0-85147-181-1; EPL: _none_       Bought from an Alpines Mailing List member.
[Barr1968]; Barr, R.R. & Flocco, T.D.; The Automobile Electrical System; Chilton Book Company; New York, NY; 1968; ISBN: _none_; EPL: 3-1221-02327-4488        
[Elli1981]; Ellinger, H.E.; Automobile Engines: Theory and Servicing; Prentice-Hall, Inc.; Englewood Cliffs, NJ; 1981; ISBN: 0-13-054999-1; EPL: 3-1221-03551-7643       One of the first books I read, for an introduction to the basics. Lots of great (amazing) cutaway shots.
[Hayn1979]; Haynes, J.H. & Page, S.F.; Sunbeam & Singer 1955 to 1965; Haynes Publishing Group; Somerset, England; 1979; ISBN: 0-900550-12-0; EPL: _none_       Borrowed from TMcKitrick.
[Lamm1992]; Lamm, J.W.; How to Restore British Sports Cars; Motorbooks International; Osceola, WI; 1992; ISBN: 0-87938-567-7; EPL: 3-1221-04782-5869       Got to this one late in the game - it would have made a great primer.
[Mitc1989]; Mitchell International, Inc.; Automotive Engines; Prentice-Hall, Inc.; Englewood Cliffs, NJ; 1989; ISBN: 0-13-586983-8; EPL: 3-1221-03917-7097       Used for basic engine-reassembly procedures.
[Pete1976]; Murray, S. (ed); Auto Restoration Tips & Techniques; Petersen Publishing Co.; Los Angeles, CA; 1976; ISBN: 0-946-489-173; EPL: 3-1221-03095-1920        
[Rose1963]; Rosewarne, M.H.; Servicing Guide to British Motor Vehicles, Vol. 7; Iliffe Books Limited; London, England; 1963; ISBN: ?; EPL: 3-1221-02870-2376       A compilation of Supplements to Motor Trader. Has a very good summary for the Series II Alpine.
[Smit1977]; Smith, P.H. & Wenner, D.N.; The Design and Tuning of Competition Engines (6th Ed.); Robert Bentley, Inc.; Cambridge, MA; 1977; ISBN: 0-8376-0140-1; EPL: 3-1221-03643-0952       This book was REALLY COOL, even if I didn't understand lots of it. Good for lotto-win daydreaming...
[Stoc1982]; Stockel, M.W. & Stockel, M.T.; Auto Mechanics Fundamentals; Goodheart-Willcox; South Holland, IL; 1982; ISBN: 0-87006-336-7; EPL: 3-1221-03956-5804       Probably a trade-school textbook and a good basic-intermediate read.
[Tobo1993]; Toboldt, W.K. & Richardson, T.L.; Auto Body Repairing and Refinishing; Goodheart-Willcox; South Holland, IL; 1993; ISBN: 0-87006-0180-X; EPL: 3-1221-04275-4193        

Stuff I Wrote

"British Steel: Sunbeam Alpine"; Grassroots Motorsports; Vol 15 No 5 (Sept/Oct 1998); p.70. Online

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