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Alpine (Series III GT) Tool Kit -600- 100%
Alpine (Series III GT) Tool Kit
Clockwise from left. Tell Me if you know more or otherwise.

Wrenches; roll-bag; hubcap prybar; valve-stem winder (yellow); Lucas distributor key; pliers; valve-gap feelers; spark-plug wrench (2-piece); adjustable wrench; screwdriver

My copy of the Series I Owners Handbook (p.18) lists:

"Starting handle, wheel nut wrench, jack, nave plate removing key, tyre valve key, distributor key, plug spanner and tommy bar, adjustable spanner, 4 open-ended spanners, pliers, screwdriver, rocker clearance and sparking plug feeler gauges, grease gun, hide mallet (for cars with wire wheels)."

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