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November 7, 1999: Jerome's Sunbeam Pages has moved to new quarters, larger and with full control over what I can do. See the Colophon for some details on what's running the place now. Along the way there were some updates and rearrangements. New content (and I have some neat plans) has to wait until the rest of The BRIDGE Tree is moved. Check back in a month or so, or register with the URL-Minder service below.

... and no, I haven't done much to the car. :(

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Some fresh paint, in Henry's garage.

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Front end fixed up as best we could.

-300- -600- 100%
New floors.

-300- -600- 100%
Replaced outer rot.
    In April of 1997 I bought a tomato-red Series II Sunbeam Alpine convertible. It Slices! It Dices! No, that's the other Sunbeam... Mine (the Tomato) is a red version of the first James Bond car, driven by Sean Connery in the first JB movie Dr. No. Most people think of another Sunbeam car, the Tiger, basically this car with a Ford V-8 and enough structural mods to keep it feasible. The Alpine was aimed at a more leisurely market, folks who wanted enough speed but mostly comfort, sort of a mid-size "sport" vehicle.

These pages are my desktop reference for the Tomato and other Sunbeams I might buy (like a Rapier, a four-seat convertible). I can't even begin to pretend I know much about British Cars and automotives in general, though I've driven and taken the Tomato apart with success. There are mostly reference materials collected from others (and sometimes enhanced), and a few biographical and planning pages. Every page has link buttons for a few often-used pages, though there are many others, listed on the next page.

5 Ws and an H Five Ws and an H About the Tomato and Me
Links Sunbeam Links Sunbeam, British Car, Automotive and Other sites.
Guides Guides Notes I've collected and written.
Tomato Gallery Tomato Gallery Pictures of the Tomato, a recent sample shown here.
Revision Log Revision Log What might have changed since your last visit.

-300- -600- 100%
That's what made it go.
-300- -600- 100%
(Not) like pulling teeth.
-300- -600- 100%
Now a peeled tomato.
-300- -600- 100%
Fall '97 jauntiness on new local asphalt.

I Went To
Did You?
    Sunbeams United National International happened on July 4-10 1999 in Big Sky, Montana. You can find everything you need to know (or ask) at their website:
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