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Books & Publications Books! Earth's Biggest Bookstore
      Home & Garden / Auto, Boat & Motorcycle Repair & Maintenance
Hemmings Motor News
      THE Industry Rag.
Walter Miller's Antique Automobile Literature
      A source of printed materials about your car from a serious collector.


Harbor Freight Tools
      Tools for Home and Shop: they have 2 Piece Vehicle Dollies.
Accessible Systems
      Car Lifts and Rotisseries.
Shade Tree Automotive Accessories
      British tops (Sunbeam too), American carpets and leather.
Portway Motor Centre (Classic Cars Worldwide)
      A UK dealer.
The Performance Marketplace
      "The World's Foremost, Largest and Most Complete On - Line Directory of Suppliers to the Automotive High Performance and Racing Industry Worldwide"


eAuto: everything automotive
      Good links to manufacturers and dealers.
eAuto dealers: Classifieds Service  
Welcome to the UK's No1 Driving Site - BSM
      For young/new drivers.
Automotive Parts List
      A description of every (lots of) part of an automobile.
Auto Restorer On-Line
      Good intro and resources, also featured projects from Netizens.
VintageWeb & Jaap Horst present: The Classic Car Pictures Archive!
      Lots of pictures of cars I can only dream about.
Automotive Programs By Bowling
      Computation tools in Java and CGI for the theoretically inclined, designer, racer or performance junkie. Implmentations of fairly straightforward calculations and algorithms.


Autos FAQ
Car Audio FAQ
Electrical Wiring FAQ
Deja News - Cars

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