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Welcome to Jerome's Sunbeam Pages, a corner of the Web for my new-to-me Sunbeam Alpine. These pages document what I know and learn about my Alpine, and any other Sunbeam cars I happen to collect, while I own and restore them. So, you'll see all the usual "about my Alpine" and "Links" things, but since I am first a computer person, and a life-long researcher, you'll also see as many of the gory details about my Sunbeam's life as I bother to record for the project can and fit into my schedule and disk limits. I use these pages for almost all my project notes anyway, so punting them to the 'Net every now and then seems a logical extension.

» I try to be Net-friendly, even though I use these pages off a (very local) LAN drive and have a cablemodem for on-line browsing. I try to balance my usage needs against your patience. I browse many dozen sites while making these pages and even at cablemodem speeds I am pretty sure of what is most annoying: long, content-free (i.e., useless and uninteresting) page waits. I don't do a lot of anything that isn't first useful, and "enhance" things when there's room.
» Check the Revision Log to see what's new here. I don't bother with "New" indicators because you know best what's new (given that you remember when you last visited). There is a "New" button on almost every page that will take you to the date-stamped and colour-coded history of the site.
» These pages are arranged like a book and a web. See Document Conventions for a description of the controls at the top and bottom of most pages. All controls are "hinted": hold the mouse pointer over a control for a second and a label will pop up.
» Topic areas are broken into sections. Page lengths are kept to a minimum, and topic areas are broken into sections and subsections. I use the site in a 640x760 Netscape window so each page looks like a printed "page" on the screen.
» There are a lot of links embedded quite freely in text. You may wish to turn off your (graphical) browser's link underlining and rely on its default colour settings. I don't use backgrounds or coloured text (except Tomato) so you should lose nothing and gain "peace of eye."
» There are a tonne of pictures on these pages. Almost all images are displayed as zoomable thumbnails in one of a couple or three sizes. Each thumbnail indicates its other sizes as one or more number links in a strip above the image. The numbers correspond to the width, in pixels, of the image at the end of the link. 100% sizes range from 2 to 3 times the largest numbered width, to a maximum of 900.
» Pictures are not used for titles or informative text except as needed for Guides images, Sunbeam Advertisements or added to Tomato Gallery images to fill blank areas in montages.
» There are no "ambush" Java, Javascript, ActiveX, embedded sound, hit counters, full-page backgrounds, flashing things, frames, child windows or ads.

If, after all this you find that a desirable page is unusable to you because of its size (and not your link), feel free to Tell Me and I'll have a look.

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