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 The  Schedule has the overall layout of events though the week.

Fourth of July Celebrations Enjoy festivities throughout the area with parades in Park City and its surrounding communities followed by fireworks at The Canyons Resort. A great send-off for a great event: SUNI IV!
July 5: Monday 7am - 4pm
July 6: Tuesday 7am - 4pm
This event should not be missed! You will be assigned two half-days of autocrossing in a large parking lot at the resort. Test your car-handling skills on a demanding course and relieve your tires of some excess rubber and get your heart a'pumpin'!.
Welcoming Dinner
July 5: Monday 6-8pm, _WelcomeDinnerPlace_
Begin to enjoy true American Western hospitality at The Canyons Resort! This event will provide you with a fantastic, fun opportunity to acclimate to SUNI IV while feasting heartily. Catch up with old friends and begin meeting your new friends in this amazing world of Sunbeams!
Rallye through Uinta Mountains
July 7: Wednesday 8am - 6pm
Marvel over the phenomenal landscapes and natural wonders that surround Park City, Utah when you and a passenger (or two?!) enjoy a relaxing Rallye! This event will allow for many photo opportunities throughout the area.
Tech Sessions
Throughout the week, in various venues
These sessions will cover a variety of topics designed to help you maintain and improve your vehicles. All sessions will be held at meeting rooms and areas throughout the Resort.
Swap Meet Vendor parts and parts swap meet activities will also be held at the Resort throughout the duration of the event. Happy Shopping and Swapping!
Tech Tour
July 8: Thursday 9am - 2 pm
A tour of some local auto-restoration and tuning businesses, taken the long way 'round through some local scenery.
Concours d'Elegance
July 9: Friday 8am-4pm
Come one, come all! All Sunbeams are welcome! The Concours d'Elegance will be staged right at the Resort. Sparkling, beautiful classics staged against the spectacular backdrop that is Park City, Utah. Awards will be based upon a point system by teams of judges knowledgeable in different areas of each car class division.
Awards Dinner
July 9: Friday 5pm - 8pm, Ballroom
Enjoy the conclusion of this grand event by celebrating with friends and family at the Resort! Numerous awards and door prizes will be presented at this feast!
Other Events Other, informal and non-SUNI events held in and around Park City.

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