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July 5: Monday 7am - 4pm
July 6: Tuesday 7am - 4pm

Have you ever had enough autocrossing at an event like this? Well how about two days of autocrossing, and two different courses! Can you handle it! Box lunches will be provided during both days of this challenging event. Course designed by David Boyd and Frank & Cindy Cardiff (Autocross Club of Central Oregon).

You will be assigned one of two schedules. Schedule A would be Monday AM & Tuesday PM, with schedule B being Monday PM & Tuesday AM. This would give everyone equal opportunity to run in the morning and afternoon.

Everyone will work for each other. This will be accomplished by splitting each session into two heats. One will work and the other will take their runs, then we will switch and do it again.

Everyone will have 3-4 runs each day, depending on the total number of entrances. The best time from each session (AM & PM) would be added together for a composite time.

Helmets are required to be Snell 90, 95 or 2000 (M or SA) rated. Just DOT is not acceptable due to insurance issues. We will have a few loaners available on site.

The purpose of the Autocross is to provide a fun, competitive event. Please note the following rules:

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