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 April 13, 2004 
 S U N I   I V 
Sunbeams International 2004
  Park City, Utah     July 4-10, 2004  

                This Just In: I Have a Sunbeam has a great new story from an as-yet unnamed writer ... The Registration Form is now available! ... The Ken Miles prototype Tiger will be attending. ... A description of the Autocross is available.                

SUNI IV logo The biggest and best Sunbeam owners event is just around the corner.

This year Park City, Utah will be the host site for all the activities. The Canyons Resort offers unequalled facilities for our event. The Canyons offers an exceptional autocross course, concours location along with banquet facilities rooms and of course a swimming pool for young and old alike.

Join together with Sunbeam owners from all over the world for five days of touring, racing, showing, swapping, meeting old friends and making new ones, meeting our special guests. There will also be lots of activities in Park City for the whole family.

Among the featured guests will be Carroll Shelby, Rosemary Smith, George Boskoff, and we expect that others that have been invited will want to attend.

And the Special Historic Cars that have committed to date?

And many more Alpines, Tigers, Rapiers, Hillmans and Humbers. So get the cars ready and join us in Park City, Utah for another once-in-a-lifetime experience with the Rootes Clan.

It's been fifteen years since we first had an opportunity to enjoy Sunbeams United National International! Our first event took place in July, 1989 at Snowmass, Colorado. The second SUNI took place in May, 1994 at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The third SUNI happened in July 1999 at Big Sky, Montana. And now, it's time to continue the celebrations with SUNI IV at Park City, Utah.

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Help Changes Table of Contents Attachments
 April 13, 2004 
 S U N I   I V 
Sunbeams International 2004
  Park City, Utah     July 4-10, 2004  
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