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Who What Where When Why How  3.1. Contacts

Want to get involved? There are a few openings where we need someone to coordinate or operate a particular function. Contact either the Chairman or Co-Chairman to lend a hand!

Most e-mail addresses have been obfuscated to protect these people's inboxes from spammers.
Replace  ---  with  @  before sending your message.

Organization Name Name Phone E-mail
Accounting Doug Edwards 925.432.3022
Autocross David Boyd 541.385.5971
Banquet Program Max Pahmeier 425.228.3921
Chairman Max Pahmeier 425.228.3921
Children's Banquet      
Co-Chairman Doug Edwards 925.432.3022
Concours d'Elegance Doug Babcock 925.743.4076
Family Events      
Hospitality Suite Andrea Hellings 215.343.2293
The Canyons Resort Brenda Lytle 1-888-CANYONS (226-9667)
Insurance/Liability Starke Shelby 425.483.5758  
Photo Contest      
Publicity Doug Edwards 925.432.3022
Rallye through Uinta Mountains Lynn Wall 435.649.6093
Regalia Bud Benion 206.364.8478
Registration Lisa & Brian Bogdon 360.425.4017
Special Awards      
Special Tech Gary Crandal
Swap Meet Doug Edwards 925.432.3022
Tech Cars David Boyd 541.385.5971
Tech Sessions      
Trophies Rick McLeod 408.371.1642
Vendor Sales Doug Edwards 925.432.3022
VIP, VIP Cars Dave McDermott 303.771.2526 McDermott---stripe.colorado
Web Site Jerome Yuzyk

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