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July 9: Friday 8am-4pm

Come one, come all! All Sunbeams are welcome! The Concours d'Elegance will be staged right at the Resort. Sparkling, beautiful classics staged against the spectacular backdrop that is Park City, Utah. Awards will be based upon a point system by teams of judges knowledgeable in different areas of each car class division.

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Concours Information and Schedule The Concours is tightly-timed, with 8 classes: Alpine/Tiger Stock, Personalized or Modified, Touring, and Special Recognition. This is letter from the Concours Chairman describing the event.
Concours Trophies A list of trophies to be awarded in each class.
Instructions to Judges Judging is by deduction, in the following categories: Function Check, Chassis/Engine, Trunk/Interior, Exterior.
Sample Concours Entry Data Sheet An entry sheet for the Tiger Modified Class for you to use as a preparation guide.

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