Concours Information


Welcome to the Concours event. You must be proud of your car to have expended the effort and expense to travel to SUNI IV. The Concours is but one opportunity to exhibit your car. Our goal is to provide a quality judged concours. However, the event organizers and volunteers who also came to SUNI IV to enjoy themselves and hope that is your goal also. No one should get ulcers over the event.

This will be a timed event to keep the judging moving. Judges within each class will have specific assignments, e.g., Paint/bodywork, engine compartment, etc. Each team of judges will judge that category of all cars in the group. Therefore, all cars in the class are judged the same. Each car will be judged for an equal amount of time. Since judging is time-related, please do not interrupt the judges. Please answer any questions briefly and to the point. All cars will remain on the grid until all judging is completed and released by the event chair.

Please take a few moments before the concours to review the judging rules so you can properly classify your vehicle. Examples of the judging sheets are available at the Registration Desk. Classes within a car type are generally related to the number of modifications. Although we expect most people to properly class their cars, the class judges will have the authority to re-classify a mis-classed vehicle.

There will be eight (8) concours judging classes.

1.   Tiger Stock Class: Relates to how the cars were produced; changes from this will result in point deductions to your score. The standard LAT options are not considered changes. The list of standard LAT options is available with the judging sheets for your information. It is to your benefit that you review the judging sheet listing the automatic deductions for this class. The judging sheet is available at the Registration Desk. Be prepared. Wheel size: diameter 13", width 5½" or less.
2.   Tiger Personalized Class: Intended for owners who have retained the basic identity of their Tiger, but have made changes to suit their own tastes. Tigers should not have altered body panels beyond what was available as a LAT option (i.e., fender flares and hood). Any radical changes to the basic "stock" look will put you into the next class. Wheel size: diameter 13" or larger, width greater than 5½".
3.   Tiger Modified Class: Intended for owners who have substantially altered the appearance of their Tiger for looks and/or performance considerations. Extensive modifications to suspension, running gear and body panels qualifies your car to be in this class.
4.   Alpine Stock Class: Relates to how the cars were produced; changes from this will result in automatic deductions to your score. Please review judging sheets. Wheel size: diameter 13", width 4½".
5.   Alpine Personalized Class: Basic identity of Alpine (certainly four cylinder) but changed to accommodate owner's preference. Wheel size: 13" or larger, width 5" or larger.
6.   Alpine Modified Class: This is the class for all seriously modified Alpines. All non-Rootes engined cars are automatically in this class. This is the class for rotary, V-6 or V-8 powered Alpines, regardless of the badging.
7.   Touring: All sedan or convertible cars that do not qualify for the classes 1-6 or 8. This would include such cars are 1953 or 1969 Alpines (for example), thos not recognizable as the smaller Alpine sports car. Other Rootes vehicles such as Hillman, Imp, Husky, Rapier, etc. are automatically in this class.
8.   Special Recognition: We recognize that some cars are so special or exotic that it is not equitable to them or the other participants to judge in the regular classes. Such car (as an example) would be Lister or Harrington Tigers, or any other as decided by the event judges.

To help you choose your classification, the following list is a guideline to assist you in selecting the appropriate modifications that apply to your Tiger or Alpine. (Remember, LAT options are not modifications.)

_____   Custom paint color       _____   Engine compartment alteration (remote filter)
_____   Non-factory wheels       _____   Roll bar
_____   Interior -seats/rugs       _____   Suspension modifications
_____   Chrome/Trim changes       _____   Trunk modifications
_____   Custom steering wheel       _____   Driving/Backup lights
_____   Dashboard/Crash Pad       _____   Fender flares
_____   Instrumentation       _____   Body modifications, vents, etc.
_____   Hood scoop/louvres       _____   Radical exhaust pipes
_____   Glass fan       _____   Wide tires - 50/80 size
_____   Total of all modifications checked

Classification guidelines (total modifications)

STOCK CLASS       Read the judging rules before selecting this class. 0-5

Once again, please review the judging rules carefully. The event chairs have the right to re-classify your car if they believe it's incorrectly classified. However, we will generally leave it to your discretion for classification. If the event judges determine that your car was inappropriately classed (not minor variations), they will eliminate the car from judging and trophy the next appropriately-classed car.

In the Tiger class we need to accept a standard. The TAC guidelines will be used to determine authenticity of cars judged in the Tiger classes.

You will be given your judging sheets when you stage for the concours at the park. These forms will be taken apart by the judges so please put your name and registration number on every page.

Your car should be presented for judging in the following manner:

Hood (Bonnet) up Trunk lid up Trunk cover board up (if applicable) Soft top up or hardtop on (if appicable) Door windows up Glove box empty Console unlocked, only registration, etc. included Tool kit should be on display, open on spare tire Shop manual, owners manual and warranty book should be displayed in trunk

Due to the possible heat of the day, doors may be left ajar or open. The mechanical checks will be done at the start of the concours, so please remain with your car until these checks have been completed. The exterior section of judging will require the closure of the hood and trunk. It is your choice if you want to stay with your car. Very Important: If you wish to leave, please mark the box on your scoring sheet that it is "OK" for the judges to close the necessary items. Otherwise, you will be required to carry out these functions and if you are not available when the judges are ready, you may lose points, and that is a downer for all of us.

Concours Schedule

OK, now, no complaining. We need a maximum amount of time to fairly judge the cars. To do so, we need to start early. The time schedule will be:

Placement of cars by judges            8:30-9:15 am
Rags down            9:30 am
Instruction with class judges            9:30-10:00 am
Judging starts            10:00 am

If your car is not in place by 9:15 am, it will not be judged (no excuses). We apologize to all the late sleepers, but if we are going to have all teh cars judged equally, we need a common and early start.

Due to the number of classes and categories within each class, we need a huge number of judges. Our interest is to have two judges, working as a team, for each category. This makes it easy for the judges. As long as the team is consistent in their judging in their class, all cars are judged equally. If you are intered in the concours, you have an automatic obligation to also be a judge if needed.

There will be a class head judge to help you with questions. Additionally, the class head judge will be the timekeeper. This will keep the event moving. Since all cars in the class are judged by the same category judges, the judging is equitable. You do not need to be an "expert" to be a judge; any enthusiast is qualified. We will need a huge number of judges and we urge you to sign up at the registration table. We do need everyone's support. Without an adequate number of judges we can not fairly judge the entrants.

Hopefully, I've covered most of the questions. Ask at registration or see any one of the class judges. We hope to have a list posted at registration. Let's remember, we are here to have fun, not to nourish our ulcers.

Kevin Jewell, Concours Chair