Instructions to Judges


Prior to the start of judging, a cursory walk-through should be done to evaluate the overall range of cars in each class. This should help set the deduction level standard for the range of cars in each class. Plan on doing your walk-through at 9:30 am, when all cars should be in place.

The judging will be by a deduction process. All cars will start with full points. The judging sheets are divided into four groups with a suggested point allowance for each area. The groups are as follows:

Function Check

Based on the available volunteers, we would like two judges per each judging group. Should you notice you are about to judge your own car, step back and let another judging member score your car.

The entrant will be given the appropriate scoring sheet when the car is staged. The scoring sheet will be kept on the windowscreen. Judging for each car will be timed. There will be a ten-minute limit per car. The completed score sheet will be collected by the head judge.

Judging Order

1st       Function Check
2nd   Chassis/Engine, Trunk/Interior (These items will be judged together.)
3rd   Exterior (This group will be one car in back of the 2nd group).

The head judge of each class will also act as the timer. For those judging two categories (e.g., trunk/interior) the timer will allow 4 minutes to judge the trunk and 4 minutes for the interior. Since the exterior is the most visible part of our cars, the judges for the exterior will have the full 8 minutes. The judges are to use the 2 minutes between cars to finalize and record the judging points. The head judge is to receive all completed judging slips.

This is an enjoyable event, let's do a good job, but let's not take all day or get an ulcer over it.