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We have some Very Special Guests attending. Here's an intro to each of them.

Rosemary Smith

Rosemary is now living in Dublin having spent her car racing life in the United States, Britain and Europe. She has had her own television show on motoring. She is one of only five women in the world ever to have won an international motor race outright. She has participated in and won the following events:

Carroll Shelby

George Boskoff


Lemans Tiger #9

One of the two prototype coupes entered by Rootes in the 1964 Lemans Race and restored by Darrell Mountjoy. Raced in 2002 in Goodwood and Lemans and in 2003 at the Monterey Historics.

Targa Florio Tiger #192

One of the first group of works rally cars which was modified and ran in the 1965 Targa Florio and restored by Dave McDermott. Raced in 2003 in the Monterey Historics.

Sports Car Forum #74 BP Tiger

Driven in numerous events in 1965 by Don Sessler and restored by Buck and Claudia Trippel. Raced in 2003 at the Monterey pre Historics and Coronado.

Ken Miles Prototype Tiger

The first of two prototype Tigers commissioned by Ian Garrard and Rootes to test the feasibility of the Tiger concept and constructed by Ken Miles.

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