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Who What Where When Why How  4.1. Contacts

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Organization Name Name Phone E-mail
Accounting Dick Sanders 206.938.8164
Alpine Racing Tech Steven Alcala 310.322.6323  
Autocross Carl Christiansen 702.832.0445
Awards Banquet Margot Spieglo 949.645.1811  
Banquet Program Max Pahmeier 425.228.3921
Big Sky Ski & Summer Resort Brandon Bang 800.548.4487
Business Advertising Larry Atkisson 206.783.1645
CAT/PTC Pool Party David Dunn
Margot Spieglo
Catering Margot Spieglo 949.645.1811  
Chairman Max Pahmeier 425.228.3921
Children's Banquet Margot Spieglo 949.645.1811  
Club Publicity Jodie Brown 425.335.5450
Concours d'Elegance Kevin Jewell 425.885.0103
Corporate Sponsors      
Hospitality Andrea Hellings 215.343.2293
Insurance/Liability Starke Shelby 425.483.5758  
Memorabilia Bud Bennion 206.364-8478 buddshillman@email.msn
Oh! - Limpics Ole Olson 619.236.1716
Photo Contest Larry Ingersol 206.522.0442
Raffle Larry Atkisson 206.783.1645
Rallye through Yellowstone Park Eugene Cederstrand 206.723.5940
Registration Jodie Brown 425.335.5450
SCCA Marty Westland 406.597.0075  
Security Jim Mazour 515.226.9475  
Swap Meet/Vendor Sales Brett Simpson 253.859.5096
T-Shirts Rob Carpenter 206.783.9477
Tech Cars Marty Westland
Dick Sanders
Carl Christensen
Tech Sessions Tom & Betty Hall 408.432.3434
Trophies Rick McLeod 408.371.1642
VIP, VIP Cars Dave McDermott 303.771.2526 David.Mcdermott@Colorado.EDU
Web Site Jerome Yuzyk 780.448.1434

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