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We're more than happy to get e-mail from you, either questions about SUNI III, this site, or an offer that You Can Help.

Several sections of the SUNI III Home Pages allow you to submit your name and some stats for a list. We don't have a fancy form processor, but a simple text form that you can e-mail or fax. To submit an entry, cut-and-paste or print one of the forms below and send it along:

OR    Fax: +1.403.468.9453

E-mail submissions will receive an e-mail conformation. Fax submitters should check back with the appropriate page within a week (this is a volunteer position, and I'm in Canada).

The Forms

Forms are quite simple database records that can be edited with your favourite editor or e-mail program. Records start with a title and end with "---". To use a form, cut-and-paste the left-hand column into your mail or fax program and enter your information according to the comments and example provided, then send it on.

Caravans Registry
From (Prov/State):
Departure Date (Month Day):
Via (Prov/State City):
Contact Information:

Jerome Yuzyk
July 1
AB Calgary | WA Helena
RoomShare Registry
This one's still under construction.

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