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R e s u l t s !
Alpine Stock
1.     Robert Webb and Jean Trace       Ohio       1967 Series V
2.     Christopher Albers       California       1967 Series V
3.     Susan and David Green       Arizona       Glen Green Series I
Alpine Personalized
1.     Bill and Sharon Smith       Oregon       White Series I Alpine
2.     Peter Parslow       Oregon       1966 Series V
3.     Charles Baker       California       1963
Alpine Modified
1.     Rob Guerra       California       Blue Rotary powered Series IV
2.     Steven Alcala       California       Green #43 Race Car 1961 Series II
3.     Chuck Ingram       Minnesota       1964 Lister Replica
Tiger Stock
1.     Dave and Anita Dunn       Washington       Red Mk 1
2.     Joe and Georgia Smith       California       Blue Mk 1A
3.     Eric Heusher       Washington       Green Mk 1A
Tiger Personalized
1.     Jim Morrison       Massachusetts       Black Tiger Mk1A w/ twin 4's
2.     Ed and Karen Foster       California       Yellow (Past Lord Rootes winner)
3.     Rick McCurdy       New York       1967 Mark II
Tiger Modified
1.     Jerry and Marlene VanderPool       California       Fresh red restoration
2.     Tom Hall       California       Blue Mk I
3.     John Logan       Michigan       1967 Mk II
Special Recognition
1.     Bo and Linda Cheadle       California       Ken Miles Prototype
2.     Brett Simpson       Washington       Moonstone JAL #1
3.     John Washam       Oklahoma       Lister Tiger
1.     Brent Kasl       Nebraska       1964 Imp
2.     Frank and Cindy Cardiff       Oregon       1965 Imp
3.     Budd Bennion       Washington       Hillman Husky

There were 80 cars entered in the Concours and another ten on display only. Competition was fierce. For instance, in Tiger Modified only one point separated 3rd and 4th. In Tiger Stock, the range between 3rd and 5th was only 2½ points.

Thank you all that attended and participated.
Kevin Jewell


July 5: Monday 8am-4pm

Come one, come all! All Sunbeams are welcome! The Concours d'Elegance will be staged at the Resort itself! Sparkling, beautiful classics staged against the spectacular backdrop that is Big Sky, Montana. Awards will be based upon a point system by teams of judges knowledgeable in different areas of each car class division.

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Concours Information and Schedule The Concours is tightly-timed, with 8 classes: Alpine/Tiger Stock, Personalized or Modified, Touring, and Special Recognition. This is letter from the Concours Chairman describing the event.
Concours Trophies A list of trophies to be awarded in each class.
Instructions to Judges Judging is by deduction, in the following categories: Function Check, Chassis/Engine, Trunk/Interior, Exterior.
Sample Concours Entry Data Sheet An entry sheet for the Tiger Modified Class for you to use as a preparation guide.

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