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Who What Where When Why How  2. Introduction

Welcome to SUNI IV, the Internet Home for all you will need to know to get to, stay and enjoy SUNI IV. Here are some pointers to the use and design of this site.

> Check the Revision Log to see what's new here. I don't bother with "New" tags because you know best what's new (given that you remember when you last visited).
> These pages are arranged like a book and a web. See Document Conventions for a description of the controls at the top and bottom of most pages. The Colophon describes how I made all this stuff.
> Since links are used quite freely in embedded text, you may wish to turn off your (graphical) browser's link underlining and rely on its default colour settings. I don't use many backgrounds or much coloured text so you should lose nothing and gain "peace of eye."
> I try to be Net-friendly, even though I build and test these pages off a (very local) 10Mbit LAN connection and test them occasionally on-line. It's an interesting balancing act between "cuteness" and your patience. I browse many dozen sites while making these pages, and am pretty sure of what is most annoying: long, content-free (i.e., useless and uninteresting) download waits. To this end I try to follow these design rules wherever possible:
  - Scroll-downs are kept to a minimum. Pages fit a 640-wide browser window. Long tables are broken up into sections; long ones are prefaced by a notice. Horizontal whitespace is used when vertical height becomes extreme.
  - Large images are displayed as zoomable thumbnails, sometimes in several resolutions, and the JPEG format is used for larger images (especially scans).
  - No "ambush" Java, Javascript, ActiveX, embedded sound, hit counters, full-page backgrounds, flashing things, frames, child windows or ads.
  If, after all this you find that a desirable page is unusable to you because of its size (and not your link), feel free to Tell Me and I'll have a look.

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