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Who What Where When Why How  8.1. Why SUNI?

Written by Jodie R. P. Brown

So you've enjoyed another wonderful season of Sunbeaming! Hopefully, you're pretty proud of how all of the hard work in the garage paid off on those lazy summer convertible rides! Now you're looking for that incentive to really detail your treasure: re-upholster both the driver and the passenger seats; install those stainless steel brakes; purchase that aluminum intake; work up that wiring system that you've always dreamed that you deserved-in other words, you're looking for a reason to really show off your abilities and detail your Sunbeam treasure.

Look no further! SUNI III is rapidly approaching!

What is SUNI III?!! SUNI III is the third gathering of Sunbeams United National International, an event held every five years to celebrate the Rootes marque. These vehicles include ALL Sunbeams: Tigers, Alpines, Rapiers, Hillmans, Talbots, Imps, Singers-EVERYTHING Sunbeam! The previous two events attracted about 200 cars and 750 people each from over 30 states of the United States and about 12 countries around the world!

SUNI III will be held in Big Sky, Montana from July 6, to July 10 1997. During the course of this event, there will be a Concours D'Elegance, two days of autocrossing, a Rallye, Tech sessions covering a variety of topics, a swap meet, an awards Banquet---and that's just some of the event highlights!

The Concours D'Elegance will be held at the Resort itself and will be sponsored by the Pacific Tiger Club. Awards for the Concours will be given based on points awarded by crews of judges that are allowed a determined amount of time to ascertain the quality of specific areas of each class of vehicle present. This method of judging has proven to be successful, quick, and objective at Pacific Tiger Club meets.

The Autocross will be held on two days of the event at a high school near the resort. This will be a terrific part of the event! We will be able to chart out a couple of great courses covering two large parking lots! We're also hoping to be able to have some autocross classes in order to truly maximize the autocross event. The 'autocross' high school and its community are extremely anxious to ensure that we have a great time while visiting in their area!

The Rallye will run through Yellowstone National Park which is very near the resort. This will be a fantastic picture opportunity! You and your contented navigator, your Sunbeam and the first National Park in the United States!

Big Sky, Montana is a summer and ski resort located outside of Bozeman. It is composed of hotels and condominiums (with rooms in a wide variety of sizes), restaurants, boutiques, and spas. This beautiful resort is located just north of the United States' first and favorite national park, Yellowstone National Park, and is surrounded by National Forests. Big Sky Ski and Summer Resort is an impressive and accessible resort! Bozeman has a modern airport with many daily flights that connect to all major cities in the United States. The resort is also easily accessible via Interstate 90, a major American east-west thoroughfare. Big Sky personnel are anxious to help us make SUNI III a memorable event!

What does all of this mean? This means that you now have an invaluable excuse---and a time limit!---to make your Sunbeam sparkle! You also have a terrific opportunity to see a gorgeous part of the United States with your family and your Sunbeam friends in the summer of 1999! Sunbeams United National International III: Rootes to the Great American West!

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