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Max's car after 1998 Tigers United April 9, 1999 by Max C. Pahmeier
This could be your car at SUNI 3. This is a picture I took on the way back from Tigers United last Summer. I stopped at the SUNI site in Big Sky to take care of what seems to be an endless list of items that must be attended to. On the way and when you arrive one of the first things that is going to strike you is the beauty of the area. At this time we are working on an impressive line-up of guests. They include Rosemary Smith, Laura Garrad, Dave Duncanson and others if their schedule permits. For cars, our featured car will be Bo Cheadle's car which is the Ken Miles car ­ the very first Tiger. (See The Making of a Sports Car pages 42 and 43.)

Many of us saw it in Eureka two years ago and that was a treat. You need to see the car close up and personal to get a good idea of the ingenuity that was put into the car. Bo has it fully restored now so I am really anxious to see it. (I saw some pictures on the net last week of Bo's car-looking good!) Bo will also be giving a tech session explaining some of the history behind the car. In addition Brett Simpson will be bringing the no. 1 production Tiger. I would like to feature some Alpines and touring class cars also. So, please step up and let me know what is coming that is unique to the marque. This will be the first time that the Ken Miles Car will be seen in its restored condition at a Sunbeam event. In addition Dave McDermott is bringing his recently restored rally car that participated in The 1965 Targa Florio race. (Again see The Making of a Sports Car pages 142 and 143) On top of these Special Guests and very special cars we have two of the LeMans Tigers coming: Dick Barker's and Syd Silverman's. There is also an impressive line-up of tech sessions planned, swap meet, concourse, auto cross, rally and a lot of cars and people that have not previously been to SUNI events. I have also heard from a number of people whose cars have been in the process of restoration that will be completed for SUNI. So if you have been procrastinating get those registrations in for the best SUNI ever. The dates are July 4th (Sunday) arrival with windup at the banquet on Friday night.

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JOY/CXS/GPIP/2.1 - November 9, 1999