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The BRIDGE Tree is an Internet treehouse for my little company and me, and friends.

Established in November 1995, the site is on its third server and at least as many rebuilds.

Over that time it has grown from a handful of pages to many many dozen, of various vintages. All are straight HTML with a sprinkling of Javascript here and there, mostly in the Blogs and Galleries.

Some sections are rather crufty, and will be getting some love.

The links in the footer describe the history of this site's development and production.


  Résumé    Buckhorn Saloon & Museum in San Antonio TX  
About Me 
I've done a few things in my education and career. This is that story.
  Weather    Around here and elsewhere  
Weather Here and There 
I'm a weather nerd, at home and away.
A direct link for the impatient.
  Blogs    Book from the Getty Museum in Los Angeles CA  
Words Written 
Written and pictorial expositions on thoughts and experiences over time.
  Galleries    Dr. Seuss art exhibit in Wilmington NC  
Images Collected 
A Blogs section for some of my non-Blog pictorial meanderings.
  Books    Some of my books  
Words and Images Consumed 
I know a thing or two. This is how I learned some of it. Paper-weights now.
  Music    Some of my CDs  
Listening Present and Past 
Originally a list I used to print and put by my stereo for visitors.
  MythTV    From the MythTV Retro theme I use  
Digital Media Butler 
For my TV and Music consumption.
  Old Cars    My Sunbeam Alpine long-ago alive  
My Sunbeam Alpine 
· The SUNI III Website · Rootes Group Trivia
· The SUNI IV Website
  Car Parts    Henry's still rockin'!  
Henry's Old Parts Sale (HOPS) 
British and Foreign things.

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